Для слабовидящих







Do you want to be understood anywhere in the world? Would like to read Conan Doyle, Hemigway, 'Lord of the Rings' or 'Game of Thrones' in original text? Or maybe you dream about going to a football match and have your shirt autographed by a football star? To do all this, you don't need to know dozens of languages  - you just need to know one. Ain't no other language, huh?)

'Do you speak English?' is the first question you are very likely to hear at your job interview, at the reception in any hotel abroad or from a foreigner lost in the streets of a Russian city.  And if you are not able to answer 'Yes, I do!' and carry on a simple conversation in English, then you would feel inconfident and may face the problem of misunderstanding. So, nowadays, English is not just a prestigious thing to know, or a good point on your resume, it became a must, something you can't do without. If you are active, ambitious, like traveling, and want to have a well-paid job, then you can't get by without English.

For this reason, Murmansk Language School focuses primarily towards English learning. We offer a great variety of English language programs for children, teenagers, and adults. Along with academic, year-long programs we have short-term, specialized courses for people of various professions. All courses are taught by highly qualified teachers with the use of educational materials made by the Oxford University Press, the leading British publishing company.